25 years sickness Healed

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My name is Kamashree. I am from Firozabadi. I used to be very sick. I had a skin sickness which was equal to leprosy. I suffered from this sickness from last twenty to twenty five years. The sickness could not be cured. I went to many hospitals in Firozabad, and Agra. Later I went to all the places I could get the treatment, I did not get well. I was itching, and watering wounds all over the body, None liked to sit beside me. My husband and members of my family were troubled. I could not do any work. I sat always in a corner. I continued using medicines. My sister-in-law told me to come on I will take you to Jesus Christ, you will be held there. I started attending the Friday fasting prayers. I attended twice and the third time I prayed with all my heart. I now have no problem at all. Not even a single scar is left on my body now. I am healed and have no problem at all. I have a great relief now. All my people with me. I have no problems at all now. Now my…… husband is living with me.
Pastor : From how many years you had this sickness
Kamashree: From almost twenty to twenty five years.
Pastor : What was the sickness, you suffered from?
Kamashree : very severe skin disease, almost leprosy.
Pastor : How did you suffer
Kamashree : I had always itching in my body. The wounds swelled and used to discharge some water from them.
Pastor : Did others sit with you ?
Kamashree: I was so dirty. Who likes to sit with a dirty woman ?
Pastor: How much money did you spend on your sickness ?
Kamashree : I spend twenty or thirty thousand and maybe fifty or……..thousands of rupees were spent on this sickness. How much my husband earned and I earned all was spent upon the medicine.
Pastor : I heard that you were admitted to the hospital ?
Kamashree : yes….yes……..I was admitted sometimes for not less than six months for the treatment of this sickness. I was also admitted in Agra hospital. I went to all four corners for treatment of this sickness.
Pastor : So no one cured you?
Kamashree : No one cured me.
Pastor : So now who healed you ?
Kamashree : The Lord healed me ?
Pastor : Who is the Lord ?
Kamashree : Lord Jesus Christ.

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God Bless you all ! 🙂

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  1. i suffering from bad diease and also finance problem. my bro also unemployee please pray for us. in my family member no one have peace all are in angry no one talk to anyone. please father help us. for peace.AMEN

  2. please pray my right breast mostly every day is num, i think i got breast cancer please pray for me.

  3. I want to change my religion from Hindu to Christian can u tell me my earnings after adopting Christianity

    • Jesus Mission India

      You guys are stupid! Is your religion Hinduism for sale! Can you tell me how much I will get to convert Hindu!

  4. Please Jesus I am suffering fro, Hapetities B, ulcer and BP, please heal me

  5. Blessed be the name of the Lord

  6. Amen…

  7. Please pray for the successful approval of Mr.Gladwin and the successful completion of our financial job.

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