July 2014 Report

Greeting in Jesus name!
We are blessed to announce you the report of the month of July – 2014

Faith comes by hearing proclaimer

We received Proclaimers from www.faithcomesbyhearing.com www.hopeteam.org. ( HOPE FOR TODAY) we praise God for this. May God bless them. We are using this device to reach the unreached and to strengthen the home churches. This is a great blessing to our ministry of HOME CHURCHES. See Pictures >>

Helping 105 widows at Agra campus

Jesus Mission helps widows of the city of Agra following James 1:27. We help Hindu, Muslim and widows who belong to other communities apart from Christians without any discrimination. Pr. Harry Singh and his wife were special guests for this meeting. Pr. Harry Singh is one of the most senior pastors of the city of Agra. May God bless him for the encouragement he gave through the world of God. More than 100 widows are being supported by Jesus Mission every month. God started this ministry in 2009. Jesus Mission is helping 200 widows out side Uttar Pradesh.

See Pictures >>

Agra Women Conference

As usual women leaders from different churches of Agra met on 23rd July to pray for the world, India, and Agra. See pictures >>

Pastors praying for India

As usual Pastors of Agra gathered at Jesus Mission for Prayer on the first Wednesday of the month. Around 50 pastors attended the meeting. Some of the pastors who regularly attend have not attended this time because they were taking part in two different meetings which were conducted in other places.
The meeting started with worship. Later Psalm was read. Then in the first session they all together prayed for the salvation of the the World, India, U.P, Agra and the local areas, especially for the unreached. They collected the statistics of evangelism and prayed for each area. They remembered the countries which does not allow gospel preaching in prayer in a special way.
Then they prayed for the 100 specially designed global requests. After this session they were divided into groups and prayed for individual problems. They also prayed for each individual to have a special anointing. They also prayed for the sick.
After the break they gathered for the next session to listen to Pr. Bala Sundaram, who preached on Forgiveness and explained how a man loses all, what he is given, if he does not learn how to forgive others and prove himself the son of forgiving God. He preached from Mt 18: 21- 35, the parable of the unforgiving servant. He preached that one fails in every sphere of life, individually, before family, before the society, before friends. He fails in job, business and as an individual. Finally he fails before God and loses every heaven and earth. He may even commit suicide like Judas. He does not forgive others finally God will put him in a position where he cannot forgive himself.
The meeting closed with delicious lunch. See pictures >>

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We thank each and every supporter of Jesus Mission International for being with us to fulfill the will of God for God’s glory.

God Bless you

Team Jesus Mission


June Report – 2014

Dear friends

Greetings In Jesus name!

We are blessed to announce you the report of the month of June – 2014

Read the story of an Indian Priest who accepted Lord Jesus

God can Change anyone – 🙂

Pastors meeting:
Pastors of Agra district gathered at Jesus mission on 11th of June- 2014 to pray for the world, India, U.P and Agra. Pr. Subhash and Richi David lead the worship. Then there was special session of prayer for each continent and the countries in those continents. We interceded for the 60 countries that do not permit good news proclamation.
Then the second session started. In the second session we were divided into four groups and prayed for the 100 specially designed prayer requests which include the needs of the churches and pastors.

Then pr. Bala washed the feet of Pr. Rajesh john who was attacked by the anti-Christian mob. Pr. Bala honored him.

Pr. Bala also washed the feet of guest speaker Pr. John Paul and pr. Kamal Kumar and honored them.
Pr. John Paul delivered the message to encourage the pastors to go ahead in the lord’s work without looking back

. Pictures >>

Praying Sisters:

As usual this month praying sisters of Agra from different churches met at Jesus Mission on 18th. You can see the pics and say how powerful the guidance of the Holy Spirit was on that day. Pictures>>

Widows Support:

Jesus Mission has been helping widows from last four years. We help a hundred at Agra and three hundred in the places other than Agra. We help Hindu, Muslim and Christian widows who are struggling financially in life. We honor them and help them to realize how precious they are in eyes of their creator. We help and motivate them to go ahead in life with determination and find success. Pictures >>

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God Bless You

Team Jesus Mission


May Report

Greetings in Jesus Name

Dear friends

We Praise God for the latest report we are going to tell you.

Our Update of May – 2014

Month of May will be remembered for hosting a party at widows.

THANKS TO BRO. JONATHAN BOCK AND HIS FAMILY. The idea of widow party is the brain child of Bro. Jonathan Bock. It is he who was inspired by God to start this day of widows party. He donated money to Jesus Mission and asked that some of the money should be spent on widows party. The invitation was given to all the churches. Some churches took part in this. 137 widows came from different churches. Today i.e on 29th of May which is Thursday we celebrated widow party from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m
The preparations took place from 28th itself. Pics 1 to 17 tell how preparation took place. 18 to 25 , you can see children singing for widows and then all widow sisters were encouraged, they too sang and danced in this meeting.
From 27 to 34 pics tell about the meeting. Pr. Bala read the letter of Bro. Jonathan Bock and Bro. Deepak John Translated it into Hindi. Later Pr. Bala and all the widows prayed for Bro. Jonathan’s family, all other supporters of Jesus Mission and Grace Hill Media.
From Pic 28 you can see Pr. Kamal the guest speaker preaching to widow sisters. He preached goodnews. Then Pastor Bala spoke to the crowd and told God loves them and it is God who is behind all of this.
In pic 46 you can see Rani wife of Pr. Bala distributing the financial help to them. The meeting was closed after this.
With pic 47 dinners starts. Both south and North Indian special food was prepared with the help of special cooks. The dinner every one said was delicious. Besides food, different kinds of cool drinks, pastry, fruits and specially orders sweets were served.
Thank you Jonathan sir. May God bless you richly. We see Jesus in you. We love you. We thank every one connected with this directly or indirectly.

Pictures :- Widows Party

All Agra Pastors conference Held at Jesus Mission.

On Wednesday 7th pastors in and around Agra joined the day of prayer for the nation at Jesus Mission. Pr. Scott who is a missionary at Meerut also joined the meeting. In the first session after the worship pastors prayed for the countries in South,& North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. After that they prayed for all state of India especially for U.P and Agra. They prayed for the communist countries, Muslim countries and anti- Christian countries. After that they were divided into groups and prayed for the 100 prayer requests specially designed by Jesus Mission.
In the second session they prayed for John David who celebrates his birthday this month. Pastors anointed and prayed for two sisters who were brought from the hospital to Jesus Mission.
A sadhu who is considered as a holy person or saint, sometimes a incarnation of god got converted this month at Jesus Mission church. He was a priest at two main temples of Agra. He lost his eye sight. He tried his best but could not regain the eye sight. When pastor Bala prayed Jesus touched him and healed him. Now this Sadhu has stopped immediately worshiping idols. He quit the profession of priest. Now he is staying out side and living on his own. He powerfully gave testimony and said that he now understood that Jesus alone is god and no other God exists.
After that pastor Bala preached to the pastors and challenged them to focus on the great command (Mk 16:15-16). He said that the church does not follow the great command is not a church at all. He challenged the pastors to have a competition between the churches for the baptizing the people. He explained how baptism helps us to get out of the bonds (Acts 2: 38, 22:16) of sin, how one gets saved (Mk 16:16. 1 pet 3:21) and how one is entitled for the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).
He explained how we are saved by Grace and Faith in Jesus. He also explained why the Bible insists that everyone take baptism. The prayer meeting started by 9. 30 a.m in the morning and ended by 4 p.m. in the evening after the special lunch.

Click here for pictures:- Pastors Meeting

Purchased 1000 yards for Jesus Mission

For the New Place
We are in need of money for planting a Permanent Orphanage in Agra. You can know the details here. Fundraising Please keep praying for this point.

If You are free some time, then you can pray for some one’s Prayer Requests Online.

God Bless you friends for the Love and Support.

We all love you

Team Jesus Mission


April Update

Greetings in Jesus name from India.

My Dear friends,

The Month of April has passed but it left so many blessings to every member of Jesus Mission.

We we able to complete the process of Purchasing land, paying the Total Amount of Money taken by the bank as loan.

We believe God, He Jehovah Jireh, He will provide the rest of the needs according to our sincerity.

God increased His followers. We will upload very a soon some new testimonies of New believers. Pastor Bala is the only pastor in Agra, who gives baptism every Sunday (If He is in Agra). He baptized more than 400 Non – Christians in Northern India in two years.

People in Northern India are so happy to know the way, the truth and the life.

Click here to see:

Baptism Pictures

Praying Sisters Program

Helping widows

We thank God for 15,000 fans in Jesus Mission Facebook’s page.

Prayer request:

1. Please pray we are going to start a Construction from next week as the Lord helps us to do.

2. 50,000 $ raised, we need 100000 $ More.

3. Pray for the exam results of Orphan Home students.

4. The Temperature in Agra is like 40 degrees Celsius. Please pray for whether too.

5. Please pray for Pastors, they are visiting new remote and unreached villages with New Testaments.

Please do not forget to save your Coins for Jesus Mission, Your Coins bring smiles to Orphans and widows.

God bless you friends and followers of Lord Jesus

With the love of God

Team Jesus Mission


March Update

Greetings in Jesus Name

Dear friends

We all are so blessed and we are daily experiencing a new approval from God.

Our Update of March – 2014

We were able to support some widows in Agra. Pictures of the entire Program

All Agra Pastors conference Held at Jesus Mission.

Purchased food for the Orphanage

I praise God that He provided us food for the month through Gateway as usual. One of the interesting thing about these pics is the height of the boys who are carrying these bags was equal to the same bag they are carrying and even less when they entered the orphanage. Now they are carrying the bag them selves. I praise God for the blessings in their lives. Gateway Church played a great role in all of this. May God bless Gateway. ~ Pastor Bala

Click here to see Pictures 

Planted a new village Church with a strength of 25 members.

For the New Place
We are in need of money for planting a Permanent Orphanage in Agra. You can know the details here. jesusmission.in/orphan-home Please keep praying for this point. We already purchased 850 yards of land by God’s grace we need to purchase 200 yards more. Keep praying!!!

If You are free some time, then you can pray for some one’s Prayer Requests Online.

God Bless you friends for the Love and Support.

We all love you

Team Jesus Mission


Clothes to Widows

Greetings in Jesus Name

Dear friends

We are thankful to God for this wonderful New Year. We are able to provide some clothes and money to poor widows in Agra on 8 January 2014. Let God’s will be done in Jesus Mission. Click here to see Pictures of the program

We are in need of money for planting a Permanent Orphanage in Agra. You can know the details here. jesusmission.in/orphan-home Please keep praying for this point.

A friend from Southern California, is fundraising for us by selling clay heart necklaces. They cost around 10$. Click Here

If You are free some time, then you can pray for some one’s Prayer Requests Online.

God Bless you friends for the Love.

We all love you

Team Jesus Mission


Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas.
Praise God we have a 1000 members gathering at our Christmas service this year (2013) . In addition to this there were more than 400 to 500 children. God blessed the day with no fog. The Sun rose earlier than the usual time at this season. This was the unexpected blessing from heaven.

The worship started with beautiful songs from children and youth. Then we had Santa cheering the people. Pr. Jagdish Bharti read the Scripture (LUKE 2:1-20). Pastors and elders conveyed their Christmas wishes to the participants.
We had a small session of testimonies. People explained the gathering how Jesus blessed their lives. After that we have the message of Christmas from Pr. Bala Sundaram.

Dear friends thank you for the prayers. May the Lord of Bless each and every one of you with Peace and Joy of Christmas. Have a blessed New year too.

Prayer Point: Pray for Church Construction at Agra.

God Bless You all

You Can see the Pictures Here


Jesus is the Healer


Janet Jyothi – The heart of Jesus Mission

BIRDS OF THE AIR STARTED EATING HER MEAT…….AN AMAZING STORY OF GRACE… POPLE CLEBRATED THIS……….THANKING GOD WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS… ON THE BIRTH DAY OF JANET JYOTHI…. This testimony must give us a lot of hope. This proves that GOD HAS A SPECIAL PLACE FOR EVERYONE OF US IN HIS HEART. On 7th we celebrated the 5th birth day of JANET JYOTHI. She was the only daughter of a couple who unfortunately became victims of AIDS. They were poor and had to go for work every day. They used to leave the girl in an abandoned cow shed and go for work. Thy returned only in the evening. The girl was not even 12 months old. jyothi1

She started hardly to sit. After a few months mother of this child died due to AIDS. Father a drunkard and an AIDS patient abandoned this girl. The neighbours took her only to leave in the same place from where they picked up because they came to know that this girl was the daughter of the parents who were victims of AIDS. This went for so. Mean while the malnourished girl became more sick.She was left only with skin and bones. She used to eat dust of the earth. She was having the wounds all over the body. People did not even like to touch her. One day she became unconscious because of the hunger. The crows sitting there thought she was dead.

They started eating meat from the wounds. This girl gained her consciousness this became the talk of the town in minutes.A hindu family who pitied her told about this girl to a pastor ( BG. Vijay). He brought her home and handed her over to me as I went to that place for preaching the word of God. Thus God brought her to Jesus Mission on 6th of Nov -2007. She now feels as if she is the only daughter of my’ne and does not allow even my sons to sit beside me. She is happy. God have her new life. She is a wonderful singer.

Please keep her in your prayers. If you come to Jesus Mission………..You will be able to meet Janet Jyothi. Janet is the name of a the wife of Pastor Mark. She takes care of our children as they are of her own. May God bless her and her children. We remember the love of God expressed through his children when we call her name Janet and thus be thankful to God and Man. To God be the glory…..

God healed a Son of Bank Manager

My name is BS Surya. I work as an officer at Cnara Bank. I am 45 years old. I have two sons and a daughter. My eledest son Nitin Surya started his business of exporting shoes after college. He has visited France and Italy and was making lot of money.
After a little over two years, he slipped and fell and struck his head very hard on the concrete road. Immediately his body was paralized as his C5 vertabrae was badly damaged. This was the beginning of his being treated in many different hospitals. He was even treated in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). I spent 70,000,000 rupees (Indian currency). I saw no improvement. We were told to take him home. There were times when they said he would die that very day. For two years he was in ICU and was fed with the help of pipes & tubes. I thought my son would definitely die. My son pleaded with me to poision and kill him. He was in hell on earth. Finally the doctors gave up. They said he could not be cured.
Having no more hope, I approached the Jesus Mission. I heard the word of God I felt hope that my son would live.

Pr. Bala Sundaram called the pastors one by one and appealed to all the pastors of the city to come and stand for Jesus. He told them it is their duty to save the city from sin and sickness. Pastors agreed to pray at my house every Thursday by fasting. As they were fasting and praying, Pr. Bala Sundaram started visiting my son in the hospital every week. He took three more pastors of city along with him every week.
First week visit- My son (Nitin Surya) was found in the ICU unconscious. After this one day my son almost was dead. I called Pr. Bala and said that my son was dying. He prayed over the phone my son averted death that day.
Second week visit- Pr. Bala Sundaram met him in Indian Spinal Injury Centre in ICU. After this my son got some confidence that he would live.
Third week visit – After prayer my son was shifted to a special ward from ICU.
Fourth week visit- my son was shifted to general ward.
Fifth week visit – My son started eating food with his own mouth with the help of mother. (WOW!)
Sixth week visit – The hospital started physical therapy, body exercise. My son started sitting up in a wheel chair.
Seventh week visit :- That’s where we are right now. The doctors have declared my son is well. They asked me to take my son home and give him some exercise which will make him normal very soon.
I and my wife are baptized by Pr. Bala. We accepted Jesus as our personal savior. My second son wants to take baptism. My son Nitin Surya wants to become pastor and serve Jesus.