Total Goal

100,000 USD

Indian Currency

65 Lakh Rupees


Dear Supporters


Jesus Mission is raising funds for the construction of a good English Medium School in the rural area of Agra.

Jesus Mission School gives English Medium Education to 300 poor Children in the Backward community of Agra.

It is now time, to build a permanent school for the children. We have already purchased a piece of land to construct Jesus Mission School.

Till now our children studied in Combined classrooms, in the halls and rent buildings.  rent house and play indoor games since 2014. They do not have an experience of playground. This will help them to have a playground and may get other facilities that they actually require.

We humbly request your support for this good effort. Money cannot buy love, but can truly show it. Please support us.

We sincerely appreciate your participation in this fundraising event.

Your change, changes lives totally!

God bless you.


Jesus Mission

Note: After the School construction 440 Children will be able get good English Medium Education, With these facilities.

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