God healed a Son of Bank Manager

My name is BS Surya. I work as an officer at Cnara Bank. I am 45 years old. I have two sons and a daughter. My eledest son Nitin Surya started his business of exporting shoes after college. He has visited France and Italy and was making lot of money.
After a little over two years, he slipped and fell and struck his head very hard on the concrete road. Immediately his body was paralized as his C5 vertabrae was badly damaged. This was the beginning of his being treated in many different hospitals. He was even treated in AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). I spent 70,000,000 rupees (Indian currency). I saw no improvement. We were told to take him home. There were times when they said he would die that very day. For two years he was in ICU and was fed with the help of pipes & tubes. I thought my son would definitely die. My son pleaded with me to poision and kill him. He was in hell on earth. Finally the doctors gave up. They said he could not be cured.
Having no more hope, I approached the Jesus Mission. I heard the word of God I felt hope that my son would live.

Pr. Bala Sundaram called the pastors one by one and appealed to all the pastors of the city to come and stand for Jesus. He told them it is their duty to save the city from sin and sickness. Pastors agreed to pray at my house every Thursday by fasting. As they were fasting and praying, Pr. Bala Sundaram started visiting my son in the hospital every week. He took three more pastors of city along with him every week.
First week visit- My son (Nitin Surya) was found in the ICU unconscious. After this one day my son almost was dead. I called Pr. Bala and said that my son was dying. He prayed over the phone my son averted death that day.
Second week visit- Pr. Bala Sundaram met him in Indian Spinal Injury Centre in ICU. After this my son got some confidence that he would live.
Third week visit – After prayer my son was shifted to a special ward from ICU.
Fourth week visit- my son was shifted to general ward.
Fifth week visit – My son started eating food with his own mouth with the help of mother. (WOW!)
Sixth week visit – The hospital started physical therapy, body exercise. My son started sitting up in a wheel chair.
Seventh week visit :- That’s where we are right now. The doctors have declared my son is well. They asked me to take my son home and give him some exercise which will make him normal very soon.
I and my wife are baptized by Pr. Bala. We accepted Jesus as our personal savior. My second son wants to take baptism. My son Nitin Surya wants to become pastor and serve Jesus.

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