No More tears

The name of this woman in the video is Seema. She is giving testimony about her daughter.  This sister has two daughters.  When she gave birth to her first daughter the doctor made a terrible mistake. During surgery the doctors accidentally cut the eyelid of the new born child. From that day the eye of that little girl started shedding tears. This continued for six long years.  Her daughter asked Seema often why the tears were running from her eyes when she was not weeping.  Others too asked her the same way.  Seema had no answer. She her daughter to doctors, but she did not get well. The tears continued rolling from her eye.

  Last week sister Seema brought her daughter for the first time to worship service, during which the power of the Holy Spirit touched this little girl and healed her. From that day onwards no more tears or water from the eyes. Praise Jesus.

8 thoughts on “No More tears

  1. Please pray for me i want to open a business to sale kitchen gas and water ever time i start the business its never succeed now i want to do this

  2. God is indeed a healer. Pray for my husband to get the job he went out for in Jesus name amen ( he lost his job 3 days ago)

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