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  1. Thank you all Lord bless you in the name of Jesus Christ I ask you to pray to my friend, who decided to marry and his name Caroline, but happened after things by the wicked I ask you to pray with me to keep away all evil from him and to see the truth and come back after we build the family I love him so much Thank you

  2. Hi, please pray for my elder brother who his sick since 1988 until now almost 29 years, still made in dustbin. please all i need your assistence

    Hi, these is my request please i’m asking you to support us in the family spiritually things are not going well,Our elder Brother since 1988 until now is sick madness all his life in the dustbin sleeping outside please if you can support us, and i believe Jesus will never forget you.Thanks

  3. Hi, these is my request is to pray for my elder brother who is sick since 1988 until now is made almost 29 years, all his life outside in the dustbin. please i need your support spiritually in the name of our lord jesus christ……………………………………………………..

  4. my request is to pray for my elder brother who is made since 1988 until now he is still in dustbin almost 29 years please

  5. Please pray I get a hearing forum to arbitrate a claim I have against a fraudulent contractor to receive money back.

    Also, I need to sell a car at this time. Please pray I receive the top dollar I am hoping for it, and a happy buyer. Thank you!

  6. Im unemployed ,lost my job ,house,cars and my engaement was called off,im with my kids this december and pray for god to provide for me so i can provide for my kids and family this festive broke pls pray for me for a financial miracle in Jesus name.amen

  7. I would like to ask prayer for my friend Francis Martin Salvador. Please pray that God would heal him completely from Thalassemia and ulcer. Please pray that God would give him perfect health in body, mind, spirit, feelings, thoughts, emotions. That he would be relieved of all his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pains. Thanks for praying and God bless.

  8. Mama Mary, I want to visit you at Medujorgie with my family in May 2018. Please help make this visit happen and bring us safely at your feet and back home.

  9. Our daughter and son-in-law are having marital problems. Our son-in-law, John has decided not to spend Christmas with us and his kids. Please pray that he has a change of heart and decides to be there for his two small children if for no one else.

  10. Dear Father,
    Request prayers for my marriage. The girl I am interested inn (Ms. Delpin), does not want to get married at all. Her mother has tried her best for the last 2 years to convince her to get married to me but Delpin does not wish to get married to anyone.
    She has a false conception about marriage and is not willing to change her mind set.

    Marriage is very essential in her life as he mom is physically challenged, her father is non supportive to the family and Ms Delpin has no siblings and hence it becomes difficult for her to carry all the family responsibilities all by her own.

    As I too am running out of age and time, I request prayers for Delpin, that God may inspire in her and she agrees to get married and I get a confirmation by this month.

    Thanking you..

  11. go help to make life happy and my family

  12. please , pray for my father ,he is suffering from a tuberculosis disease and for my mother who has been charged with false allegation and for all my family members for their good health and let them progress in the name of jesus..

  13. Please pray for my sister kimberly.she was diagnosed with renal failure.she is in critical situation. We humbly ask for your prayers. Thank you and God bless us all.

    1. I am looking for a job I am called for an interview tomorrow in alpha arts and science college in Porur so I humbly request you to pray for me that I should get the job
      Thanks & Regards
      Augustin M

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