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  1. Dear Father, I come before Your Throne in prayer today on behalf of your son my husband Juan and your daughter Suzanne.
    Lord you know what has happened, the enemy has come between me and my husband Juan and Satan are trying to destroy our marriage and our family. Please lord I am asking for my marriage to restore and for husband to come back home and leave Jennie for good.
    Lord, I pray for your mighty hand to intervene. I pray that you will send others in Juan life to show him his sin. Please let our divorce be cancels and my husband tells me he wants to come back home. Please Lord I love my husband very much and don’t want to lose him and I forgive him for his adultery
    I pray dear Father that Juan heart will be softened toward his wife Suzanne and he will run back to you in repentance.
    And I know that you will restore Juan as Suzanne marriage and make it stronger than ever.
    I pray that Jesus will be first in their homes and in our hearts and lastly I pray for strength and patience for Suzanne as you work in her and Juan life.
    We pray and know that your word tells us that “all things will be made good to those who love you and are called according to your purpose”. We love you Lord…
    Amen Amen.. Great movie and inspiration

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