Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas.
Praise God we have a 1000 members gathering at our Christmas service this year (2013) . In addition to this there were more than 400 to 500 children. God blessed the day with no fog. The Sun rose earlier than the usual time at this season. This was the unexpected blessing from heaven.

The worship started with beautiful songs from children and youth. Then we had Santa cheering the people. Pr. Jagdish Bharti read the Scripture (LUKE 2:1-20). Pastors and elders conveyed their Christmas wishes to the participants.
We had a small session of testimonies. People explained the gathering how Jesus blessed their lives. After that we have the message of Christmas from Pr. Bala Sundaram.

Dear friends thank you for the prayers. May the Lord of Bless each and every one of you with Peace and Joy of Christmas. Have a blessed New year too.

Prayer Point: Pray for Church Construction at Agra.

God Bless You all

You Can see the Pictures Here


Happy Christmas

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