India is a great country with many languages and cultures, having a population of over 1.21 billion people. It is considered to be the fastest growing of eastern countries sharing 50% of the world’s population with China. India is comprised of 28 states, and each state has  millions of people. It is connected by land to Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan, China, Tibet, Nepal and Bangladesh. The Largest state in India is Uttar Pradesh where our organization Jesus Mission is Located to serve Lord Jesus Christ.

India is more religious than any other country. The Indian people are seeking GOD! They worship 330 millions of gods, most of them in the form of idols. It is no wonder you come across people who still strongly believe in witchcraft. One cannot separate religion from life. For centuries, the Caste System (though it is against the constitution) has been predominant as a part of Hinduism. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism are the religions born in India. There are many foreign religions like Baha’i, Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Judaism, etc. that also have followers there. In addition to these, the population is 17% Muslim and maybe 2% Christian.

(Religous census map of India 1981)

Almost 2000 years ago, Thomas, the disciple of Jesus and one of the first apostles, is believed to be the one who brought the gospel to India. It is also the land of William Carey, Mother Teresa and Graham Staines, who was burned alive along with his 2 children in the state of Orissa. Despite many odds, these great followers of Jesus had a desire to reach India with the Gospel and to help make a better life for the poor, the lepers, the physically handicapped, the widow, and the orphan. Statistics from the United Nations claims there are 80 million orphans in India. Southern India already has many followers of Jesus; it is now Northern India that needs our greatest attention.

Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India. This state is the religious center for all Hinduism. The holy river Ganges, flows here, and in addition, contains a place called Varanasi which is considered heaven on earth. There are similar places of pilgramage like this in Utter Pradesh.  It’s amazing to see people come to this state to die, thinking that they will go heaven because they have died in a holy place such as Utter pradesh. Utter Pradesh holds the key to the religious thinking of Hinduism in one way or another. Agra is located in Utter Pradesh. God has indeed selected a very good place for Jesus mission.

Please pray for Agra and Utter Pradesh, India, and for the cause of Jesus Mission.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son that who ever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16


Muslim 13.43%
Christian 2.34%
Sikh 1.87%
Buddhist 0.77%
Jain 0.41%
Animist, others 0.65%

According to Population.

All religions 1,028,610,328 100.00%
Hindus 827,578,868 80.5%
Muslims 138,188,240 13.4%
Christians 24,080,016 2.3%
Sikhs 19,215,730 1.9%
Buddhists 7,955,207 0.8%
Jains 4,225,053 0.4%
Bahá’ís 1 953 112 0.18%
Others 4,686,588 0.32%
Religion not stated 727,588 0.1%

By This data analysis we can easily say that there are a billion people in India who Need Lord Jesus Christ.

Please Pray for India:-

  • Discipline is the Real Freedom of every Human.
  • Lord Jesus Christ is the only one answer to all Indian problems.
  • In a day 120,000. People are facing death in India. Most people don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • 212 forest tribes are India. These people don’t know God.
  • 1.21 billion people have 330 million gods.
  • After having 330million gods. Our country is poor and undeveloped.

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