Janet Jyothi – The heart of Jesus Mission

BIRDS OF THE AIR STARTED EATING HER MEAT…….AN AMAZING STORY OF GRACE… POPLE CLEBRATED THIS……….THANKING GOD WITH ALL THEIR HEARTS… ON THE BIRTH DAY OF JANET JYOTHI…. This testimony must give us a lot of hope. This proves that GOD HAS A SPECIAL PLACE FOR EVERYONE OF US IN HIS HEART. On 7th we celebrated the 5th birth day of JANET JYOTHI. She was the only daughter of a couple who unfortunately became victims of AIDS. They were poor and had to go for work every day. They used to leave the girl in an abandoned cow shed and go for work. Thy returned only in the evening. The girl was not even 12 months old. jyothi1

She started hardly to sit. After a few months mother of this child died due to AIDS. Father a drunkard and an AIDS patient abandoned this girl. The neighbours took her only to leave in the same place from where they picked up because they came to know that this girl was the daughter of the parents who were victims of AIDS. This went for so. Mean while the malnourished girl became more sick.She was left only with skin and bones. She used to eat dust of the earth. She was having the wounds all over the body. People did not even like to touch her. One day she became unconscious because of the hunger. The crows sitting there thought she was dead.

They started eating meat from the wounds. This girl gained her consciousness this became the talk of the town in minutes.A hindu family who pitied her told about this girl to a pastor ( BG. Vijay). He brought her home and handed her over to me as I went to that place for preaching the word of God. Thus God brought her to Jesus Mission on 6th of Nov -2007. She now feels as if she is the only daughter of my’ne and does not allow even my sons to sit beside me. She is happy. God have her new life. She is a wonderful singer.

Please keep her in your prayers. If you come to Jesus Mission………..You will be able to meet Janet Jyothi. Janet is the name of a the wife of Pastor Mark. She takes care of our children as they are of her own. May God bless her and her children. We remember the love of God expressed through his children when we call her name Janet and thus be thankful to God and Man. To God be the glory…..

Janet Jyothi – The heart of Jesus Mission

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