July 2014 Report

Greeting in Jesus name!
We are blessed to announce you the report of the month of July – 2014

Faith comes by hearing proclaimer

We received Proclaimers from www.faithcomesbyhearing.com www.hopeteam.org. ( HOPE FOR TODAY) we praise God for this. May God bless them. We are using this device to reach the unreached and to strengthen the home churches. This is a great blessing to our ministry of HOME CHURCHES. See Pictures >>

Helping 105 widows at Agra campus

Jesus Mission helps widows of the city of Agra following James 1:27. We help Hindu, Muslim and widows who belong to other communities apart from Christians without any discrimination. Pr. Harry Singh and his wife were special guests for this meeting. Pr. Harry Singh is one of the most senior pastors of the city of Agra. May God bless him for the encouragement he gave through the world of God. More than 100 widows are being supported by Jesus Mission every month. God started this ministry in 2009. Jesus Mission is helping 200 widows out side Uttar Pradesh.

See Pictures >>

Agra Women Conference

As usual women leaders from different churches of Agra met on 23rd July to pray for the world, India, and Agra. See pictures >>

Pastors praying for India

As usual Pastors of Agra gathered at Jesus Mission for Prayer on the first Wednesday of the month. Around 50 pastors attended the meeting. Some of the pastors who regularly attend have not attended this time because they were taking part in two different meetings which were conducted in other places.
The meeting started with worship. Later Psalm was read. Then in the first session they all together prayed for the salvation of the the World, India, U.P, Agra and the local areas, especially for the unreached. They collected the statistics of evangelism and prayed for each area. They remembered the countries which does not allow gospel preaching in prayer in a special way.
Then they prayed for the 100 specially designed global requests. After this session they were divided into groups and prayed for individual problems. They also prayed for each individual to have a special anointing. They also prayed for the sick.
After the break they gathered for the next session to listen to Pr. Bala Sundaram, who preached on Forgiveness and explained how a man loses all, what he is given, if he does not learn how to forgive others and prove himself the son of forgiving God. He preached from Mt 18: 21- 35, the parable of the unforgiving servant. He preached that one fails in every sphere of life, individually, before family, before the society, before friends. He fails in job, business and as an individual. Finally he fails before God and loses every heaven and earth. He may even commit suicide like Judas. He does not forgive others finally God will put him in a position where he cannot forgive himself.
The meeting closed with delicious lunch. See pictures >>

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We thank each and every supporter of Jesus Mission International for being with us to fulfill the will of God for God’s glory.

God Bless you

Team Jesus Mission


July 2014 Report

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