June Report – 2014

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We are blessed to announce you the report of the month of June – 2014

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God can Change anyone – 🙂

Pastors meeting:
Pastors of Agra district gathered at Jesus mission on 11th of June- 2014 to pray for the world, India, U.P and Agra. Pr. Subhash and Richi David lead the worship. Then there was special session of prayer for each continent and the countries in those continents. We interceded for the 60 countries that do not permit good news proclamation.
Then the second session started. In the second session we were divided into four groups and prayed for the 100 specially designed prayer requests which include the needs of the churches and pastors.

Then pr. Bala washed the feet of Pr. Rajesh john who was attacked by the anti-Christian mob. Pr. Bala honored him.

Pr. Bala also washed the feet of guest speaker Pr. John Paul and pr. Kamal Kumar and honored them.
Pr. John Paul delivered the message to encourage the pastors to go ahead in the lord’s work without looking back

. Pictures >>

Praying Sisters:

As usual this month praying sisters of Agra from different churches met at Jesus Mission on 18th. You can see the pics and say how powerful the guidance of the Holy Spirit was on that day. Pictures>>

Widows Support:

Jesus Mission has been helping widows from last four years. We help a hundred at Agra and three hundred in the places other than Agra. We help Hindu, Muslim and Christian widows who are struggling financially in life. We honor them and help them to realize how precious they are in eyes of their creator. We help and motivate them to go ahead in life with determination and find success. Pictures >>

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June Report – 2014

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