March Update

Greetings in Jesus Name

Dear friends

We all are so blessed and we are daily experiencing a new approval from God.

Our Update of March – 2014

We were able to support some widows in Agra. Pictures of the entire Program

All Agra Pastors conference Held at Jesus Mission.

Purchased food for the Orphanage

I praise God that He provided us food for the month through Gateway as usual. One of the interesting thing about these pics is the height of the boys who are carrying these bags was equal to the same bag they are carrying and even less when they entered the orphanage. Now they are carrying the bag them selves. I praise God for the blessings in their lives. Gateway Church played a great role in all of this. May God bless Gateway. ~ Pastor Bala

Click here to see Pictures 

Planted a new village Church with a strength of 25 members.

For the New Place
We are in need of money for planting a Permanent Orphanage in Agra. You can know the details here. Please keep praying for this point. We already purchased 850 yards of land by God’s grace we need to purchase 200 yards more. Keep praying!!!

If You are free some time, then you can pray for some one’s Prayer Requests Online.

God Bless you friends for the Love and Support.

We all love you

Team Jesus Mission


March Update

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