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Our Update of May – 2014

Month of May will be remembered for hosting a party at widows.

THANKS TO BRO. JONATHAN BOCK AND HIS FAMILY. The idea of widow party is the brain child of Bro. Jonathan Bock. It is he who was inspired by God to start this day of widows party. He donated money to Jesus Mission and asked that some of the money should be spent on widows party. The invitation was given to all the churches. Some churches took part in this. 137 widows came from different churches. Today i.e on 29th of May which is Thursday we celebrated widow party from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m
The preparations took place from 28th itself. Pics 1 to 17 tell how preparation took place. 18 to 25 , you can see children singing for widows and then all widow sisters were encouraged, they too sang and danced in this meeting.
From 27 to 34 pics tell about the meeting. Pr. Bala read the letter of Bro. Jonathan Bock and Bro. Deepak John Translated it into Hindi. Later Pr. Bala and all the widows prayed for Bro. Jonathan’s family, all other supporters of Jesus Mission and Grace Hill Media.
From Pic 28 you can see Pr. Kamal the guest speaker preaching to widow sisters. He preached goodnews. Then Pastor Bala spoke to the crowd and told God loves them and it is God who is behind all of this.
In pic 46 you can see Rani wife of Pr. Bala distributing the financial help to them. The meeting was closed after this.
With pic 47 dinners starts. Both south and North Indian special food was prepared with the help of special cooks. The dinner every one said was delicious. Besides food, different kinds of cool drinks, pastry, fruits and specially orders sweets were served.
Thank you Jonathan sir. May God bless you richly. We see Jesus in you. We love you. We thank every one connected with this directly or indirectly.

Pictures :- Widows Party

All Agra Pastors conference Held at Jesus Mission.

On Wednesday 7th pastors in and around Agra joined the day of prayer for the nation at Jesus Mission. Pr. Scott who is a missionary at Meerut also joined the meeting. In the first session after the worship pastors prayed for the countries in South,& North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. After that they prayed for all state of India especially for U.P and Agra. They prayed for the communist countries, Muslim countries and anti- Christian countries. After that they were divided into groups and prayed for the 100 prayer requests specially designed by Jesus Mission.
In the second session they prayed for John David who celebrates his birthday this month. Pastors anointed and prayed for two sisters who were brought from the hospital to Jesus Mission.
A sadhu who is considered as a holy person or saint, sometimes a incarnation of god got converted this month at Jesus Mission church. He was a priest at two main temples of Agra. He lost his eye sight. He tried his best but could not regain the eye sight. When pastor Bala prayed Jesus touched him and healed him. Now this Sadhu has stopped immediately worshiping idols. He quit the profession of priest. Now he is staying out side and living on his own. He powerfully gave testimony and said that he now understood that Jesus alone is god and no other God exists.
After that pastor Bala preached to the pastors and challenged them to focus on the great command (Mk 16:15-16). He said that the church does not follow the great command is not a church at all. He challenged the pastors to have a competition between the churches for the baptizing the people. He explained how baptism helps us to get out of the bonds (Acts 2: 38, 22:16) of sin, how one gets saved (Mk 16:16. 1 pet 3:21) and how one is entitled for the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).
He explained how we are saved by Grace and Faith in Jesus. He also explained why the Bible insists that everyone take baptism. The prayer meeting started by 9. 30 a.m in the morning and ended by 4 p.m. in the evening after the special lunch.

Click here for pictures:- Pastors Meeting

Purchased 1000 yards for Jesus Mission

For the New Place
We are in need of money for planting a Permanent Orphanage in Agra. You can know the details here. Fundraising Please keep praying for this point.

If You are free some time, then you can pray for some one’s Prayer Requests Online.

God Bless you friends for the Love and Support.

We all love you

Team Jesus Mission


May Report

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