Orphans are God’s own children

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. James 1:27

According to the results of the surveys made by UNO, there are 20 million orphans in India which have overtaken few countries in population growth. India has a population of over a billion, it is no wonder we find so many orphans.  We need to remember
the massive population of India, equal to 100 countries so the numbers are always very great. In India, many orphans are begging on the streets. There may be many reasons why children are orphaned. An alcoholic or drug addict dies
and leaves his children orphaned. In some of the states or tribes, terrorism and tribal fighting have left many children to become orphans. Early deaths of the father, due to lack of medicine is also one of the causes for the many
orphans. Natural calamities, snakebites, and animal attacks have made many children orphans. Children are sometimes forced to child labor. Though the laws are against this, there are still many places where the children must work to
earn and support their family. A child’s education and games are unthinkable subjects and unobtainable. The entire family shares a small room, and everyone sleeps and cooks there. You find no restrooms in many of the families homes.
So you can imagine how hard it is for an orphan to be educated in this kind of environment. It is difficult for them to have proper nutrition, and sometimes they must beg, just to survive. When they do not get proper attention or education
or food they grow up to be antisocial later on. Many times we see children eating from the packets thrown in the dirty large old trash bins on the road and competing with dogs and pigs for food.  Sometimes they come and wait near
marriage functions to collect what is thrown in the trash bin and eat from them. Some of the female children are used for prostitutes by bad people. They are forced to do it. In time, they also accept that way of life, finding no other
way to live and survive. I heard this story from a boy in my orphanage. Their family has five children his mother died and his father was a beggar. They were only getting enough food for two people a time. Three of them would fast
at a time, taking turns to eat. Then his father died. These are the heartbreaking stories of many orphaned poor children. Some orphans are full of sickness. A father with AIDS who dies makes everyone victims of that disease. These
orphans have tough lives. They do not have money for medication and they are not socially accepted. They live on the streets and on railway platforms and sleep there in the severe weather too. Life becomes very hard for a female orphan.
It is hard to get an education and get married.  We can find people who do not want female children in the homes.  We also read the stories of the killing of female children in the homes. How much worse it is for an orphan
who is female, you can imagine? Some of the children are brilliant and can go to school but cannot pay the fees and do not have the money to buy the books. I once saw a child rushing into the train and started crying and begging. His
father died. His mother met with an accident.  Someone hit her and continued on without stopping. She was on the road in a pool of blood for a long time.   Someone admitted her to the hospital, but they have no money she
needs help…..You can see this video…..

The Solution:

Jesus mission has started an orphanage for the orphans. Now we have 40 with us. We want to take care of as many orphans as possible. Jesus mission has started an English medium school for them.  You can join Jesus mission and take care of orphans
It is hard for them to find good food, clothing, and shelter. Sometimes they find good food and clothing in the time of festivals, once or twice a year.  They lead their lives without any hope. You can bring hope in their lives
by presenting the love of Jesus? Help by sponsoring  an orphan child today. You may have a picture of them and correspond with them if you are lead by God to do so.

The Bible tells us that you will be blessed if you take care of orphans: Mordecai brought up Hadassah, that is, Esther…for she had neither father nor mother. Esth 2: 7 Mordecai the Jew was next unto kind Ahasuerus, and great among
the Jews…. Esth 10:3


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