The Story of Janet

Janet Jyothi
Janet Jyothi

JANET JYOTHI just celebrated her 5th birthday, but the first years of her life are truly unimaginable. Janet was the only daughter of a couple who unfortunately became victims of AIDS. They were poor and had to go for work every day for 12 hours to make about a dollar a day. They used to leave the girl in an abandoned cow shed and go off to work and returned only in the evening. As a small baby, not even 12 months old , Janet was hardly able to sit, and her mother died of AIDS. Her father, a drunkard and AIDS patient, abandoned this girl.

Girls born in India are already considered a liability from the day they are born and are not celebrated. They are commonly aborted, left for dead as infants, or abused. When Janet was found, the neighbors took her in briefly until they realized the parents were victims of AIDS and abandoned again. Left for dead, the already malnourished girl became more and more sick. Skin and bones, she would eat the dust of the earth. She had wounds all over her tiny body. People did not even like to touch her. One day she became unconscious because of the hunger. The crows were surrounding her, thinking she was dead. They started eating meat from her open wounds. Somehow she gained her consciousness and word spread in the town about the girl being eaten by crows. A Hindu family, who pitied her, took the time to contact a village pastor who had come through and told people about Jesus. He had been trained and sent out from JESUS MISSION ( BG. Vijay). This pastor picked up the near dead baby girl and brought her back to the JESUS MISSION home and handed her over to PASTOR BALA on November 6, 2007.

Pastor Bala and his wife took her in as their own. They nursed her back to health and gave her a loving home. She now feels as if she is their only daughter and does not allow even Pastor Bala’s sons to sit beside him. She is a happy girl growing up knowing that she is precious in God’s sight. She loves to play and is a wonderful singer. The Lord spared her life and she has become a symbol of hope and grace.

JESUS MISSION helps widows and orphans, like Janet, in Northern India. We have a multi-use facility that serves as a church, home for orphans, meeting place for widows, and training ground for new pastors that go into remote villages and preach the gospel. We truly need your help to expand the work.

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