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  1. I am sorry to be asking again, please pray for my son Dan business to do well, prosperous and be financially independent, it’s taking toll on us and I don’t know what to do. Please pray for him and his fiancé get married, be happy, and have prosperous marriage. I am so tired, I cannot take the pressure anymore when I am 71 years old, please help me with your prayers

  2. You’re mother will be healed don’t worry too much,don’t give too stress too yourself ,don’t fear cos he is with you,don’t be dismayed,cos he loves you and your family so much..I beleive in almighty and he s gonna heal your mother right away…so,throw away your worries right now,,and smile,,cos he’s watching you and your family from above…

  3. Hi,my name is Sadhin, I have a prayer request for my,my mother is suffering from brain cancer and brain injury please pray for my mother healing in brain,my mother is unconscious and unable to open eye and is on bed from june 4 till now on cancer hospital please pray for my mother Healing in brain, please ,help me in praying for my mother,May God bless u all and clear all the problem in your life,my mother name is Priya ,we r from North East India,at state of Shillong,at Civil hospital please pray and thank you all for praying.

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