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    Dear Sir,

    I am Lokesh Kumar R. from Bangalore. As we are so much depressed and fed up with that. No happy or peacefull to our family.

    From past 6 months daily at home with My Daddy Ramamurthy R. & Mother Gajalakshmi R. and me lokesh kumar r. son we are getting so much fight for small things and it becomes a big war at home for simple reasons it happening. Really I am so much worried about it no peace at our house. my Daddy get so much anger for every small silly things and get scolds everyone badly on that issue it became so muc recenly and I could not tolerate it will became big fight at home on every 2 days or 3 days once.

    We could able to lead a peacefull life. lot of tension for everyone no peace we are mentally disturbed so much. I feel some one have made a black magic and feeling afraid of it. but I trust GOD. GOD is the only person who can save us from mental stress and lead a peacefull life to everyone one famlily without anger to My Dad, Mom & Me. I am kindly request you to pray for our family and please help us to get a good solution for us to lead a Happy peacefull life with good health and happy life.

    Please pray for us. I beg you please help us. God should give good memory power and control his anger and talk peacefully for him, My Mom and Me and Help us to lead Happy Life. Please please please help us this is my humble request

  2. sapna rajak

    plz prayer for me his not talk to me plz prayer kijiye ki hum dono ki shaddi ke ho jaye wo abhi mere se bt nai kr rha h plz mai bahut paresan hu

  3. jisha

    Need u to pray for my family, i Lost my job i need to get new job pls pary for me

  4. chippy

    Need u to pray for my family, in my family we are facing some financial problems, and we are six member in my family father mother and 4 sisters am the second one, am looking for a job in abroad and also we have no good home now we facing lot of problme along with the home so please pray for us.

  5. Maha

    Please pray for severe throat infection and pain I cannot swallow, Ear pain, I am fearing about that, please for me.

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