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  1. Please, pray for Jason and his family’s salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Furthermore, pray for his job situation to improve. Also, pray for me to follow God’s direction. Thank you!

  2. Please, pray for Jason and his family’s salvation. Jason doesn’t believe God exists nor that belief in Jesus is needed. Furthermore, pray for his job situation to improve. Also, pray for me to follow God’s direction. Thank you!

  3. Me suffer from chest, back body pain and heart problems for 5 years please pray for me daily l praying for me why God is not healing me.

  4. Hello, my name is Joy and I have a prayer request for you. Me and my sister are in the 8th grade and we are applying to a new private high school called Punahou. We’ve been working and studying our hearts out, and we really like all our hard work and efforts pay off. By us getting into our dream high school Punahou, we will be able to make new friends, learn more, and have a more diverse, huge community. Punahou is one of the best schools on Oahu which gives you incredible learning opportunities that prep you for college. Me and my sister Cara really want to make our parents proud for once, and show them that we have a place in this world for a better future. May the Lord be with you and we are forever in your hands. Please pray for both me and my sister, Amen.

  5. I don’t want anything, I only ask for God to help everyone suffering in different countries, I want the religious to help people who need God instead of judging them. I have doubts sometimes but all I pray for is for God to give the lost more time on this earth to find him, I just want him to give everyone time, It scares those who don’t believe, that the fact they might go to hell. I just want God to help those who have been hurt or rejected by the church. I hope God doesn’t hate me for making this prayer, but I’d be willing to give my life for my people and country. I’m tired of hearing Christian’s say that everyone who isn’t like them will go to hell, and the rapture stuff. I think it’s selfish how they never think that if they were in there shoes they wouldn’t want people scaring them, even thought it’s the truth…maybe. Don’t pray for me pray for the people who are lost, forgotten, confused, hurt, poor. I’m sometimes have doubts about Christianity, but I try to hold on to the little pieces of hope I have. I’m not so sure still but I hope God can hear me every time I make this prayer, please help them.

  6. Dear brother I have started a small online business. God has helped us to finish one year. I want prayer for GOD’s guidance for the next steps and expansion in the business according to his will. Thank you.

  7. Prayers for my conversion ratio to proselytes adopted children, my wife, my trappings replaced, my friends, and my rest in grace than works of human vanity. Amen.

  8. pls pray for me and alferius. i want to know if alferius is God chosen life partner for me. May God reveal his will to me. Amen

  9. Please pray for financial increase for charles and that charles would be able to return the money immediately. Please pray for wisdom to how to go about returning the money. Please pray that this habit of borrowing money would be broken.

  10. My name is amruta .me and my husband rajendra are living in separate because of some reason.he is asking me for divorce.please pray for us to cancel the divorce & May God reunite us once again and make our world happy.because 29 october 2021 is my first marriage anniversary.May God reunite us before October 29, 2021. And to cancel the divorce, my husband should change his mind and let him come to my house himself.
    Please pray for me it’s for urgently.

  11. Please pray for our minister Oleg MB
    1) souls will be made whole
    2) open doors for Gospel
    3) financial provision for Oleg and his family
    4) wisdom in all of his doings church and secular world
    5) strong stamina and indefatiguable health for Oleg
    6) protection for Oleg and his family and church
    thank you

  12. I’m really sorry for you @Sadhin, I know the exact pain what you feel now.
    Hi everyone, I’m Mahesh. My mother was diagnosed with Thalamic Glioma (Brain Cancer) a year ago. First she went with radiotherapy and later with chemo from past 10 months . Now she is terminally ill, the cancer cells have spread all over the brain. Doctor’s are helpless. I’m seeking for miracle to happen only which god can make. Please pray for my mom her name is Lakshmi Andiboina & she is just 44.

  13. Pastor, I am Suvrajyoti Mondal (M), Age 41+ Unmarried, from Kolkata, suffering for Intestine Ulcer last 21 years (from 2001 till now). i show many many Doctors, & admitted more then 12 times in Hospital for treatment & Blood Transfusion, but nothing happen, the problem become worse & worse day by day. right now my Hemoglobin level become very low, cause the internal bleeding, i became very weak. please pray for my problem, i saw the healing done by Jesus, through your Ministry. Thank you, in Jesus name Amen

  14. My brother in law is characterless and goes to black magic and offers sacrifices and now by telling lie prospects of his life he wants to propose girls for marriage. In this fraud my husband, his friend, brokers are involved in it. Please pray that let that girls reject this proposal. Please pray to save girls life from this fraud man. Urgent request.

  15. please for an aged mother and her bachelor son… they are fighting a lot at home… so much of dirty conversation and abuse… there is no drinks no smokig no get togther nothing… they are born agan !! the son doent want to care for his aged mother and wants leave her alone n go seperate.. he is not working too… very very bad scene… both thte tongues and words are dirt filled…can u pray that some miracle happens there… in a day or two that man will go n stay seperate…

  16. I am sorry to be asking again, please pray for my son Dan business to do well, prosperous and be financially independent, it’s taking toll on us and I don’t know what to do. Please pray for him and his fiancé get married, be happy, and have prosperous marriage. I am so tired, I cannot take the pressure anymore when I am 71 years old, please help me with your prayers

    1. Hi Annette sir u prayed a lot all the time right good to praise him as if he has done all these things for u with faith.dont worry cast ur worries on the Lord, everything will be ok .And 1stly break generational curses that is ruling ur life by watching Derek prince sermons u can find these on YouTube please these will work .Prayer u have done never goes in vain.

  17. You’re mother will be healed don’t worry too much,don’t give too stress too yourself ,don’t fear cos he is with you,don’t be dismayed,cos he loves you and your family so much..I beleive in almighty and he s gonna heal your mother right away…so,throw away your worries right now,,and smile,,cos he’s watching you and your family from above…

  18. Hi,my name is Sadhin, I have a prayer request for my,my mother is suffering from brain cancer and brain injury please pray for my mother healing in brain,my mother is unconscious and unable to open eye and is on bed from june 4 till now on cancer hospital please pray for my mother Healing in brain, please ,help me in praying for my mother,May God bless u all and clear all the problem in your life,my mother name is Priya ,we r from North East India,at state of Shillong,at Civil hospital please pray and thank you all for praying.

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